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I received my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Alberta and my Master of Counselling from City University of Seattle.

My professional experience has centered around working with organizations that provide support and advocacy to individuals who are incarcerated or at risk of being criminalized. I also have clinical experience working in a private practice setting and at the Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton.


In my practice, I provide support to adults who have experienced trauma, anxiety, low self-worth, relational challenges, and life transitions. I am trained in narrative and somatic (Hakomi) therapies, and continue to engage in professional development to enhance my competency and effectively care for clients. As a Registered Provisional Psychologist, I also receive supervision from Meena Ramaswamy and Christy Hennig, both of whom are Registered Psychologists.

As a therapist, I am client-centered and approach therapy from an attachment and feminist-based lens. I believe each person’s growth follows its own path and I look to join you as a guide on your travels. I believe you know yourself better than anyone else, meaning your wisdom, insights, and experiences are central to the therapeutic process. Therefore, your feedback is always welcome and encouraged, as it ensures that we have a mutual understanding and lets me know what does or doesn’t work. The most important part of counselling is creating a strong therapeutic relationship, in which you feel seen, heard, and understood. I believe this form of human connection is where healing occurs and greatly impacts your counselling experience. Through developing a safe, trusting relationship, I strive to create a space where you feel comfortable to be yourself and explore your inner world. I also want to hold space for the intricacy of your experiences by understanding how they are influenced and affected by the various roles, relationships, and systems that we exist within.

If you feel that I may be a good fit, please contact me to schedule a free 15-20 minute phone consultation. This will allow you to get to know me a bit better, discuss the challenges you would like to work on, and ask any questions you may have. Honour the accomplishment of reaching out for support. You have taken the first and most important step. I hope to hear from you soon and look forward to the possibility of supporting you along your journey.




(2021) Mindfulness and the Body: An Introduction to the Hakomi Method of Somatic Psychotherapy - Jaci Hull and Anna Harland

(2021) Counselling Adult Survivors of Sexual Violence - Association of Alberta Sexual Assault Services (AASAS)

(2020) EMDR Basic Training - Sharon Meredith

(2019) Foundations: 5-Day Narrative Therapy Certificate Training - Vancouver School of Narrative Therapy

(2018) Treating Complex Trauma: Clinical and Scientific Innovations - Dr. Christine Courtois




Self-Esteem & Self-Worth


Communication & Healthy Boundaries

Life Transitions

Relationship Issues

Grief & Loss

Sexual Violence & Abuse

Personal Growth & Development

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