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"Real change, enduring change, happens one step at a time."
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Even on the coldest winter days, the warmth of the sun can bring comfort, solace, and a gentle yet resolute reminder that the snow will melt, the days will get longer, and the earth will bloom once again. Apricity is a deep breath of hopefulness – a feeling that embodies the therapeutic process.

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Our work together will be collaborative, not authoritative. My aim is for you to have a counselling experience that is as rewarding as possible. To do this, we will work together to explore what works best for you and I encourage you to offer feedback on what you find helpful during our sessions.

Healing continues outside of the therapy room. You may learn new skills, techniques, or strategies in therapy that become more effective as you continue to practice them. The more you take what you learn inside the therapy room and apply it to your daily life, the more progress you will notice towards achieving your goals.

You value a therapist who can be honest and direct while staying compassionate and thoughtful in their delivery. Many people come to therapy because they feel stuck in familiar patterns that are no longer serving them. Being open to examining your experiences through a new perspective can help you to gain insights into the growth you are looking for.

You appreciate the lighter moments and can find occasional humour to be helpful for your therapeutic process. While humour can be used to cover more vulnerable emotions, I also believe that humour can be both a form of medicine and a tool for educating. Sometimes there are moments of lightness and laughter during therapy and I like to use humour in these ways if and when the moment calls for it.

I know what it’s like to sit on either side of the therapy room. I am human and experience the twists and turns life takes just like anyone else. I believe in the therapeutic relationship not only because of the growth and change I have witnessed in my clients, but also because of the impact that genuine, compassionate connection has had on my own life. I will bring this empathy for your experience into the therapy room as I support you through the challenges of leaning into discomfort.



One of the most important predictors of success in therapy is the strength of the therapeutic alliance. Simply put – the better we jive together, the quicker and easier it will be to work together in achieving your goals. For that reason, we offer a free 15-minute consultation so you can have an opportunity to ask any questions you need and get a sense of what it would be like to work together prior to committing to a first session.



And how to use it.

Grounding is the process of using specific techniques that work to relax our nervous system and help us to connect to the present moment. These techniques often involve engaging one or more of our five senses and can help with decreasing feelings of anxiety.

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